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WATCH: Woollim Entertainment Teases New Groups In “W PROJECT”

Woollim Entertainment is home to Infinite, Lovelyz, Joo, and other impressive artists, as well as the previous home of Nell, Epik High, and Tasty. If you haven’t already heard of their upcoming project, you’re in for a treat!

Originally called “Woollim Boys” and “Woollim Girls,” the idea was to create two new bands within the near future, each including between seven to twelve members. It was revealed that W PROJECT would be the new name and was to be used as a music channel to release songs before their official debut. The first YouTube teaser was released in early January, showing only a “W” logo, a release date, and the names of two trainees from the company. Just a few days later, a music video was released, featuring a melancholic, slow song from the co-ed duo of Joo Chan and So Yoon.

A month later, in a similar manner, another “W” logo teaser was released, featuring two more names. Soon afterwards, the music video was released, pleasing fans who were eagerly awaiting news of more project members. The MV released was another duet— this time, featuring two male singers Jang Joon and Young Taek. The song has a chill vibe about it, along with honey-like vocals from the two newbies. Both videos already boast over 200,000 views, despite featuring trainees who haven’t yet made their official debut.

A week ago now, Woollim dropped a performance video as their third W PROJECT release. Rather than a vocal song, it features three of the male trainees showing off their slick dance moves over an upbeat, retro track. Many recognized one of the members dancing in the video as Daeyeol— the younger brother of Infinite’s Sungyeol! Having been a trainee since 2012, it looks like Daeyeol is finally getting ready to make his debut, making many netizens ecstatic! The other two members in the video, Jae Seok and Dong Hyun, have already been shown a lot of love from fans as well.

We’re extremely excited to see what’s in store with W PROJECT and the groups that will debut as a result. Perhaps we will see some great collaborations between Woollim artists and trainees in the future!

What do you think about these songs so far? Are you excited for the next music video? Based on what you’ve seen so far, what style of music do you anticipate for their debut? Leave your comments about it below!

CaptainMal has been into Korean Entertainment for seven years now, since 2010. Kpop quickly went from a casual interest, to a hobby, to a full-time position. She travels to conventions in her area, showcasing her “Kpop Game Show'” and occasional Kpop cosplay. She’s been fortunate enough to see B.A.P live twice now! Although her favorite bands are Infinite, Super Junior, and VIXX, she boasts a love for a huge variety of artists throughout the last 15 years of Kpop. Other than Kpop, CaptainMal loves Disney, 80’s rock, Daft Punk, Gaming, and Orange Juice.

Media: Woollim Entertainment, SM C&C

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