Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

WATCH: Urban Zakapa Makes Long-Awaited Comeback With “Alone” MV

Urban Zakapa is finally back!

On May 19th KST, the R&B singer-songwriting trio made their comeback with the new track “Alone.” The song was written as a shoutout of sorts to the listeners who spend time alone or otherwise feel alone in the world. Member Jo Hyun Ah produced the track herself.

Urban Zakapa might not be as known among international fans, but the group is immensely popular in their homeland of South Korea. Originally debuting in 2009 with nine members, it wasn’t until the group became a trio in 2012 that they skyrocketed to a new level of fame.

Check out their new MV below! What do you think?

Media: MakeUs Entertainment

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