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TRCNG Drops New Group Teasers For “Spectrum”

UPDATED: New teaser images have been revealed for TRCNG‘s debut!

On October 7th, the new boy group dropped two teaser images for their upcoming MV, “Spectrum.”

Check them out below!

UPDATED: TRCNG is teasing fans even more for their upcoming debut!

On October 6th, the new boy band from TS Entertainment revealed the second teaser video for their MV, “Spectrum.” After seeing the new teaser, fans are even more excited about the debut date that is now just a few days away.

Check it out below!

UPDATED: TRCNG has released yet another set of individual teasers for “Spectrum.”

On October 5th, TS Entertainment revealed pictures for the final three members of the group. Ha Young, Ji Hun, and Tae Seon look handsome in their uniforms as they gaze at the camera.

Check out the pictures below! Which picture is your favorite?

UPDATED: New teasers have been released for TRCNG‘s debut!

On October 4th, TS Entertainment revealed the newest teaser images for “Spectrum,” the upcoming title track off the new group’s debut album. Members Hakmin, Wooyeop, Jisung and Hyunwoo are the latest to pose for the teaser images.

Check it out!

UPDATED: TS Entertainment has revealed new teasers for TRCNG‘s debut!

On October 3rd, the label dropped three individual pictures for “Spectrum,” the title track off the group’s upcoming mini-album. Members Ho Hyeon, Si Woo, and Kang Min feature in the images. The members are all dressed in jumpsuits which are covered in black-and-white patches that bear the group’s name.

Check out the images below!

ORIGINAL: TRCNG‘s official debut is getting closer every day!

On October 2nd, the new boy group from TS Entertainment revealed a teaser video for their upcoming MV, “Spectrum.” The members are seen running through an underground parking deck, as well as giving off a preview of the choreography for the song. They are seen dressed in school uniforms but with military-style additions that make the uniforms sparkle.

“Spectrum” is the title track off the group’s album, New Generation. As promised in the previous teasers released, it will drop on October 10th.

Check out the video below! What do you think?

Media: TS Entertainment

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