Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

WATCH: SURAN And Crush Are Heavenly Duo In New Collaboration MV

The highly anticipated track from SURAN and Crush is finally out!

On November 10th, the music video for “Love Story” was released, pleasing fans with the laid back and romantic sound that perfectly captures the meaningful lyrics. The song is described as “a lovely and warm pop sound music that alternates the sentimental and trendy parts in perfect harmony of [the] different but sweet expressions of SURAN and Crush… The harmony between SURAN’s fresh and sensitive tone and Crush’s honest sensitivity is expected to catch the ears and excite the hearts of many people who listen to ‘Love Story’.”

Both SURAN and Crush feature in the video as viewers watch the story of a young couple who meets and falls in love, bringing back sentimental memories of viewers and their own first loves.

Check out the MV below! What do you think?

Media: 1theK

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