Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: Stray Kids’ 3RACHA Gets In The “ZONE” In Fierce, New MV

Stray Kids’ sub-unit 3RACHA has released a new MV!

As part of the SKZ-PLAYER series, the 3RACHA trio (consisting of members Changbin, Bang Chan, and Han) dropped the video for the fierce hip-hop song that is sure to please their fans. Their dope new song “ZONE” allows the three of them to rap with a heavy hip-hop beat and plenty of swag.

Last March, they revealed the song for the first time during their “Unveil” showcase. Written by all three of the members and arranged and composed by Bang Chan, the song take on a moody and intense atmosphere and mixes it up with trademark JYP style.

3RACHA was formed in late 2016 and uploaded their first mixtape to SoundCloud the next year. Due to their mature sound and ability to write and produce their own songs, the young trio attracted a lot of attention from the start. They released a mini-album for their first anniversary before later going on to debut as part of the group Stray Kids.

Check out the song below! What do you think?

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