Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Watch: SNSD Celebrates 10th Anniversary With “Holiday Night”

SNSD (also known as Girls’ Generation) has finally made their comeback with the music videos for “Holiday” and “All Night.”

After a lot of anticipation from the Kpop community, Girls’ Generation has made their official comeback in commemoration of their 10th anniversary!

The group is back in the spotlight with their two title tracks for their sixth full-length album, Holiday Night. “Holiday” is an upbeat party track in which Seohyun contributed to by writing the lyrics. “All Night” was composed by Kenzie and is a true “party all night” track. The music video for “All Night” includes interview from the members as they reminisce their humble beginnings and their present together and is presented as the documentary version, making fans wonder if another version will also be released later on.

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation for their 10th anniversary!

Check out the music videos below. Which track do you like more?

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