Sun. Jul 14th, 2024


SEVENTEEN has released their newest Japanese MV!

On May 16th, the popular group from Pledis Entertainment dropped the music video for “CALL CALL CALL!” The catchy, upbeat song has rock influences and a fast beat that will be sure to get fans dancing. The lyrics of the song are meant to be encouraging, promising to always be there for someone and telling them to call when things get too tough to handle alone.

Going along with the lyrics of the song, the members of SEVENTEEN are seen in their daily lives— some dressed in suits, others hanging out comfortably or playing games. However, when they get the call for help, they come charging in like modern white knights. However, instead of coming in on horses, they all come in on motorcycles. They are then seen in an epic, busy fight scene as they battle it out for the chance to answer the call and be the true hero of the story.

“CALL CALL CALL!” is the title track off SEVENTEEN’s first mini-album in Japan. The album will drop on May 30th.

Check out the great song and music video below! Are you ready to “CALL CALL CALL!” when you need help?

Media: Pledis Japan

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