Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: Park So Dam’s Action Film “Special Cargo” Releases Teaser

Park So Dam is back on the big screen with a new and fascinating role in “Special Cargo”!

Written and directed by Park Dae Min, the story revolves around Jang Eun Ha (Park So Dam). She is a regular employee in a junkyard but she also secretly works as a delivery woman for special packages from random clients. During one delivery, she meets the son of a client she was supposed to meet and unexpectedly ended up fighting to protect the child.

Other main casts include Song Sae Byeok, Kim Eui Sung, Yeon Woo Jin, and Jung Hyeon Jun. Park So Dam rose to fame globally with her lauded acting role in the internationally renowned and 2019 Cannes-awarded film, “Parasite.” “Special Cargo” is expected to air this coming January 12th KST in local cinemas.

Are you to see Park So Dam in action? Check out the trailer below!

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MEDIA: Next Entertainment World, EonTalk