Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

WATCH: Trailer Released For Comedy Thriller “Night Of The Undead”

“Night of the Undead” hits local theaters on September 29th!

In this sci-fi comedy thriller, So Hee married the perfect ma. However, while she looks into the secret of his everlasting stamina, she finds out she’s about to be killed by him and joins powers with her friends in order to kill him first.

The movie begins by introducing a unique new life form called an “unbreakable,” an alien who does not die or get hurt easily. These aliens disguise themselves in human form and live among people on Earth. The story develops as the movie’s main character So Hee, played by Lee Jung-hyun, finds out that her husband Man Gil, played by Kim Sung-oh, is an unbreakable during the process of investigating him on suspicion of adultery.

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Media: EonTalk