Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

WATCH: New Girl Group ELRIS Introduces Members In MV Teaser

New girl group ELRIS is getting ready to make their debut!

On May 29th, the upcoming group released their first official teaser video for their MV, introducing the members one by one. The five-member group includes Karin, Hyeseong, Bella, Yukyung, and Sohee. Member Sohee is already gaining a lot of attention due to her recent appearance on the show “K-Pop Star 6” and her subsequent solo debut just a few weeks ago.

The upcoming title track is entitled “WE,first” and looks like it will have a cute, sweet vibe filled with the members’ youthful charms.

“WE,first” will drop on June 1st, so stay tuned!

Check out the video below!

Media: HUNUS Entertainment

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