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WATCH: MeloMance Nurses A Broken Heart In “Glass” MV


November 30, 2018 , , ,

On November 29th, the duo MeloMance released the music video for their ballad song, “Glass,” which is included in the second OST album for the webdrama “WHY.”

The music video shows the protagonist in different stages of emotion: from being cheerfully unaware of his one-sided affection to getting his heart broken to being oblivious to a possibility of someone falling in love with him.

MeloMance’s Jung Dong Hwan and Kim Min Seok previously announced that they will not be performing for a while. Their company, Mint Paper, informed the public that due to their uncertainty about the artists’ military enlistment dates, they are unsure if the duo will have the opportunity to meet fans in the near future.

The group has no plans of a performance for the rest of the year, but there are OSTs and other tracks that are currently in production!

Send MeloMance your support by watching their music video below:

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MEDIA: Mint Paper