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JBJ Drops Cover Art For “True Colors” Album

UPDATED: JBJ has released the cover art for their upcoming album, True Colors. Isn’t it adorable? What do you think?

UPDATED: An album spoiler has been released for JBJ‘s comeback with True Colors. The short video gives a preview of all the upcoming tracks for the new album, including the title track “Flower.” Listen below!

UPDATED: JBJ has dropped the MV teaser for their upcoming title track, “Flower.” The video starts off with an elegant piano melody before the group’s vocals are heard with a more upbeat, pop sound. Check it out below! What do you think of this new sound for JBJ?

UPDATED: More teasers have been released for JBJ‘s comeback! Check them out now.

UPDATED: JBJ has now revealed their first set of group teaser images. The two pictures show all the members looking happy and posing cutely against a white set, each member wearing their representative colors that were introduced in the earlier teasers. Check them out below. Which image is your favorite?

UPDATED: JBJ has released the teaser images for Kim Dong Han. He looks handsome in the images, showing off the bright blue color that represents him during this comeback.


UPDATED: JBJ has released teaser images for member Kwon Hyun Bin. Check them out below.

UPDATED: JBJ has now released the full set of teaser images or Takada Kenta! Check out the photos of the singer below. Which one is your favorite so far? Do you think Takada’s color scheme suits him?

UPDATED: JBJ‘s latest teaser images are out! This time, they feature the talented young artist Longguo (also known as Kim Yongguk). Check it out below!

UPDATED: JBJ has released teaser images for Kim Sanggyun! Check it out. Which photo is your favorite?

UPDATED: On January 3rd, JBJ shared more teasers for their comeback! Member Noh Taehyun is the first member to shine in individual photos for True Colors. Check it out below!

ORIGINAL: JBJ is ready to make a comeback!

On January 2nd, the popular rookie group revealed the album trailer for their comeback. The two-minute video gives fans a look at the upcoming concept from the group as they use paint cans to brighten things up!

The group will make their comeback with the new mini-album True Colors on January 27th at 6 p.m. KST. Along with the trailer, the group also dropped the track list for their new album. It will include a total of seven tracks, including the title track “Flower.”

Check out the track list and album trailer below! Who’s excited for JBJ’s comeback?

Media: V Live

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