Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WATCH: IU Drops MV For “Eight” Featuring BTS’ Suga


Eight’‘ is the much awaited collaboration between singer IU and BTSSuga who did not only feature as a rapper but also as a producer!

“Eight” is a pop track which tells of a 28- year old IU and her realizations in life.

The song conveys a message for each and everyone that nothing in this world is eternal and we can’t hold on to some things and people we dearly love despite the circumstances no matter how much emotions we put into it. Life doesn’t mean we would end up here or there, but we could always meet in each other’s memory that would remain a lifetime.

IU is seen in what seems a like time capsule machine which combines a futuristic and nostalgic feel to the music video. It also features animated shots which adds a fantastical element to the track.

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Check out the MV below!

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MEDIA: 1theK Official, BigHit Entertainment