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WATCH: INFINITE’s L Shines In New Teaser For “Tell Me”

UPDATED: One final teaser has been released for INFINITE‘s comeback! Member is the latest to shine in the individual teaser video for “Tell Me.” Who’s excited for the group’s comeback?

UPDATED: INFINITE has now dropped a teaser video for Dongwoo! Check it out below.

UPDATED: INFINITE has released an album preview for Top Seed. The short video gives fans a sneak peek at all the upcoming tracks from the new album. Listen below!

UPDATED: Woohyun is the next to shine in INFINITE‘s newest teaser video. Check it out.

UPDATED: INFINITE dropped the teaser video for Sungjong! Watch it now.

UPDATED: INFINITE has released a new teaser video for their comeback! The new video is the long version teaser of their upcoming title track “Tell Me.” The clip gives fans a glimpse of the group’s smooth dance moves, as well as a preview of the song. Watch it below!

UPDATED: INFINITE has dropped the individual teaser video for member Sungyeol. Watch it below!

UPDATED: Woollim Entertainment has released the track list for INFINITE‘s comeback album, Top Seed. Check it out below!

UPDATED: INFINITE has now dropped an individual teaser video leader Sungkyu! The teaser shows the adorable vocalist having fun on set for the photoshoot and filming of the new MV. Watch it now!

ORIGINAL: INFINITE has released a teaser video for their upcoming MV!

After releasing numerous teaser images for their comeback, INFINITE has finally dropped the teaser video for their new music video! The short teaser for the upcoming song, entitled “Tell Me,” starts off with a slower beat as scenes with each member flash by quickly, promising a unique story and plot. As the video comes to an end, the music begins to pick up the beat slightly and gives a preview of the actual track.

“Tell Me” is the title track from the group’s upcoming album, Top Seed. It is set to drop on January 8th KST and will be their third studio album to be released so far. In addition, this will be their first comeback and album since member Hoya left the group several months ago.

Check out the teaser video below. What do you think?

Media: Woollim Entertainment

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