Fri. Jul 12th, 2024


ICHILLIN has made their debut!

On September 8th KST, the new girl group released the music video for their debut digital single, “GOT’YA.” The group consists of seven members: E.JI, Jackie, Joonie, Chaerin, Sohee, Yeju, and Chowon.

“GOT’YA” is a deep house genre with a hip-hop bass tone and a refreshing, bouncy melody. The lyrics are about the courage and will to actively create one’s own path, regardless of what others think. Famous lyricists and composers such as Secret Weapon, who collaborated with many K-pop groups including TWICE and GOT7, participated in the song’s creation.

ICHILLIN’ is expected to capture the hearts of global fans with their colorful charms, splendid performances, and unique visuals.

Check out the music video for “GOT’YA” below!

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