Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

WATCH: Gugudan Drops Adorable MV Teaser For “Chococo”

gugudan‘s comeback is almost here!

On November 6th, the rookie girl group dropped the MV teaser for “Chococo.” The cute teaser video gives fans a preview of both the adorable video and catchy song. The video itself shows the members in a small factory, preparing chocolates as a doll peers through the windows. Other short shots are shown of some of the members outside in a pretty field, looking rather hopeful as they seem to contemplate the person they like.

“Chococo” is the title track off gugudan’s upcoming album, Act 3: Chococo Factory. 

The new album and MV from the Jellyfish Entertainment group will be released on November 8th!

Check out the teaser videl below! Who’s excited?

Media: Jellyfish Entertainment

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