Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: EXID Makes Five-Member Comeback In New “I Love You” MV

EXID has finally come back as a full group for the first time in two years!

With the return of leader Solji, EXID released the music video for their new track “I Love You” on November 21st!

The new single was written by EXID’s main rapper LE and producer Shinsadong Tiger. It showcases Solji and Hyelin‘s power vocals, Hani and Junghwa‘s mellow harmony, and LE’s fierce rapping.

Solji had to take a hiatus beginning in December 2016 due to health issues with hyperthyroidism.

Now that the five members are back together, they’re looking forward for their upcoming promotions, even making a first-win promise to prepare a food truck for their fans who waited for them and supported them through the years.

Good luck and welcome back, EXID!

Watch the video below:

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