Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: Dean Releases New U.S. Single With American Artist Syd

Dean has released a new song and MV with American artist Syd!

On May 19th KST, the artist dropped the music video on his official YouTube channel. The song, completely in English, is a single for the U.S. market— where Dean actually debuted before moving to Korea.

The single, entitled “Love,” is sexy and sensual, already driving fans crazy with the beat and sexual lyrics. Syd, an R&B singer based in Los Angeles and leader of the group The Internet, features on the song, lending her smooth vocals to the track. The beat is quick and upbeat before undergoing a sudden tempo change at the end that lets Dean’s vocals take center stage with a jazz-inspired tune and a strange, new age-sounding beat.

Check out the music video below! What do you think of the new song and MV?

Media: Dean The Official

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