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WATCH: BTS Spoils Fans With 3 MV Versions Of “Life Goes On”


November 30, 2020 , , , , ,

On November 30th at 6 p.m. KST, BTS released yet another music video of their hit track, “Life Goes On“!

The alternative hip-hop and synth pop song, woven with acoustic guitar sounds, was initially introduced as the lead single of the group’s seventh mini-album last November 20th KST. PdoggRuuth, Chris James, and Antonina Armato worked alongside members RMSuga, and J-Hope to write the song while Pdogg also produced the track. It was described as something that aims to provide comfort to the listener and to uplift spirits in these difficult times.

Two more alternative music videos named “on my pillow” and “in the forest” soon delighted fans after the initial release. The latest version, named “like an arrow,” features black and white snapshots of the boys while the song plays in the background.

Watch the music videos here!

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