Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: BTOB’s Peniel Drops New Teaser Video For Upcoming Track

BTOB‘s Peniel keeps teasing his fans in the cutest way possible when it comes to his upcoming single!

After releasing a funny video teaser where a camera comes in and “accidentally” discovers Peniel in the studio, as well as a teaser photo, he has since released two additional video teasers as well.

In one video, he gives fans a listen to a portion of his song with an audio teaser and then introduces his song and the release information. In the video released on June 25th, we see him use humor once more to tease fans for the song.  The song begins playing from the very beginning, but right as the intro builds up to the main melody, fans hear a big buzzing sound before the audio shuts off completely. Even though we can still see Peniel and his producer jamming out to the song, a message begins playing on the screen that apologizes and says if fans want to hear the song, they will have to listen to the song once it’s released and give the track lots of love and support.

Peniel’s new track, “That Girl,” will be released on June 27th, so make sure to check it out!

Check out the cute teasers below!

Media: Shin Peniel

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