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WATCH: BoA Is A Powerful, Confident “Woman” In New Comeback MV


October 24, 2018 , , , ,

BoA is back with a new MV that shows the reason why she has been able to reign as the Queen of K-pop for so long!

On October 24th, the legendary soloist dropped the music video for “Woman,” a song that extols the power of women.

In an industry that often puts women into one of three categories —sexy, cute, or tomboy/girl crush— BoA shows exactly how well she can rock those concepts and more! Using a variety of costumes and wigs that change up her style, the singer strives to show that she won’t accept being boxed in and put into a single category. In addition, BoA invited women of various ages, races, body shapes, style types, and more to participate in the video, showing how each woman is gorgeous and amazing the way she is!

With this epic statement, the song makes use of the sounds of high heels walking across the floor. In fact, the entire beat seems built around the sound that gives off the image of a confident woman strutting across the floor in her favorite pair of heels.

“Woman” is the title track of BoA’s new album of the same name. It includes ten tracks— seven of which were written by BoA herself.

Check out the video below! What do you think?