Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: Bang Yong Guk Drops Fierce Teasers For “Yamakazi” MV

Get ready, B.A.P fans! Bang Yong Guk is out to slay you with his new song and MV!

On June 22nd KST, the B.A.P leader dropped several teaser via his Instagram account of a new release, “Yamakazi.” The teaser pictures released are decadent in tones of red and black and look like they are scenes from a gangster film. The video teaser itself promises a fierce, hard track as Bang Yong Guk is seen with a group of men all covered in Yakuza-like tattoos. Suddenly, the scene gets splattered with blood and the camera focuses on Yong Guk’s face as he stands above the rest, his own face dripping with blood.

No release date has been announced yet for “Yamakazi,” but it looks like we can expect the release very soon! Bang Yong Guk worked on the song with producers Ye-Yo, so we can expect a hard-hitting song that will show off Yong Guk’s gritty, sexy rap.

Check out the teaser below!

Photo & Design by @soulsnatch

A post shared by BANG YONGGUK (@bangstergram) on

A post shared by BANG YONGGUK (@bangstergram) on

Media: Bang Yong Guk via Instagram

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