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WATCH: BABYz Become Songwriters In Unique Fan Project For B.A.P


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B.A.P‘s fandom has decided to support the group in a meaningful and unique way!

The popular group B.A.P recently parted ways from their company TS Entertainment after the members’ contracts came to an end. Although the group has not disbanded and have spoken about reuniting in the future, impending military service and different factors meant the group likely won’t be promoting together anytime soon.

For now, the members will be pursuing solo activities. Leader Bang Yong Guk has already set up his own company, member Daehyun has just opened his own YouTube channel and social media accounts, and the others are bound to follow as they pursue new paths for now.

No matter what the future holds, however, B.A.P’s fandom is determined to let them know just how much the group has meant to them.

A group called BABYZ Studio got together with fans across the globe to write their own song for B.A.P, a fitting tribute since the group’s own music is what has touched fans’ hearts so much throughout the years. The song, entitled “Together Forever,” was written and arranged by three BABYz, but lyrics to the song were a joint effort from 20 different fans. The song itself was sung by different BABYZ, and yet more fans participated in the video through special clips and video messages.

The sweet MV shows just how the group has influenced fans’ lives. Whether it was by encouraging fans to dance or sing themselves, make fan art, have fun with friends at concerts, or face their own issues of depression and anxiety, the video leaves no doubt that B.A.P has made a great impact on their fandom.

To see the sweet video and hear the touching song, check it out below!

Media: BABYz Studio
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