Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

WANNA ONE Confesses Their Love For EXO’s Kai, BTS’s V, And TVXQ

On the recent episode of “Happy Together,” Korea’s hottest rookie group WANNA ONE confessed which male idols are their favorites.

When asked who their personal role models were, the members had different answers. Surprisingly, their tastes aren’t much different from normal fans these days!

Kang Daniel said he really likes SEVENTEEN and BTS, naming their respective teamwork and strength as the reasons why. However, he went on to state that he would really like to be like EXO since they’re “just so cool” and stated that member Kai is the person he would love to be like the most. Kang Daniel has quickly become known as the sexy, masculine member of WANNA ONE, so he would like to emulate EXO’s Kai who also has a similar vibe. Member Ong Sungwoo agreed and said that Kai is his role model as well.

Park Jihoon, known for his aegyo and adorable expressions, said his personal favorite was BTS and that he really looks up to member V. He cited his great range of expressions as the primary reason why he likes V, even going so far as to do an imitation.

Hwang Minhyun then named TVXQ as his role models, admitting that they are the group who inspired him to become an idol. He said he always had an interest in singing but had never thought about becoming an idol. However, when he was younger, his sister was a big fan of TVXQ and seeing their amazing live performances is what converted him into a fan as well and made him begin dreaming of becoming an idol.

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Media: KBS
Source: XSportsNews

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