Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Underrated K-pop: GreatGuys Makes Comeback With “Illusion” MV

GreatGuys has made their comeback with “Illusion.”

In the first week of September, the rookie group from DNA Entertainment revealed the music video for the new title track! The label describes the song as a hybrid, hip-hop track that features a combination of trendy components with classic hip-hop and high-energy rock. About the video itself, the label stated, “The unique editing style and structure which keeps the song interesting, with an intense intro [that] gives a strong impact and orchestration behind the rap part, all play a part in allowing the audience to feel like as if they’re watching a movie.”

Just over one year ago, GreatGuys made their debut into the K-pop world. At the time, What The Kpop covered their debut music video, making note of how many fans were drawn to the sound of their debut song that was reminiscent of early 2000s K-pop.

Since then, the talented rookie group has gone on to showcase even more sounds and styles to their growing fanbase. From their colorful and fun music video “GANDA” to their amazing covers of songs like EXO’s “KoKoBop,” this group has been impressing their fans since day one.

Like many new groups, it’s unfortunately easy to get lost among the shuffle of all the groups that come and go. Despite remaining largely underrated in the past year since their debut, the group continues to provide high quality music and videos that are bound to please even the most peculiar of K-pop fans.

In fact, their newest album— entitled TAKE OFF— included a variety of producers who have worked with the top names in K-pop. Using their experience with artists and projects such as SEVENTEEN, Miss A, “Unpretty Rapstar,” “Show Me The Money,” Hwang Chi Yeul, and many more, the final product was a great success for the group’s first mini-album. In addition, member Dong In took charge of the rap making for the entire album, showing that the group’s members have a lot to offer when it comes to their music.

Apart from their official music videos, the group also puts out a lot of fun versions and videos to keep fans entertained. Even though their official “Illusion” music video was released just one week ago, GreatGuys has already released a stunning performance video for their new song as well. And if the “Red & White Version” title of the video is anything to go by, it also seems possible that more versions could be released in the future.

In the meantime, we know that this talented and fun, nine-member group is bound to keep pleasing their fans with more quality music!

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In the meantime, check out the group’s new MV below, along with their subsequent performance video that was also released.

What do you think of this underrated K-pop group and their new comeback? Which other underrated group should we talk about next?

Media: DNA Entertainment
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