Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

TXVQ’s Changmin Reveals Upcoming Marriage


TVXQ‘s Changmin is set to tie the knot !

On June 12th KST, the idol personally announced his upcoming marriage through SM Entertainment‘s fan community in Lysn with a handwritten letter. According to his post, he wanted to reveal the news himself so he gathered his courage to write the letter for his fans.

Changmin shared that it has been almost 17 years since he started out as an artist, dedicating nearly half of his life as part of TVXQ. He reminisced about the times that he felt unsure of the future but the fans who painstakingly trusted them enabled them to be where they are today.

The singer then broached the subject about his relationship, narrating that he and his girlfriend built a good relationship on trust and faith. Thus, with growing feelings, they resolved to pursue a more serious step together.

Changmin announced that their wedding will be held in September, when things have hopefully settled down. He also expressed his gratitude to co-member and leader Yunho who wholeheartedly supported his decision as well as their company staff who gave him genuine advice.

He expressed his resolve to be a good head of the household while also paying back the love he receives as TVXQ’s Changmin. He then wraps up his letter with a reminder for everyone to take care of their health and a sincere thank you for taking the time to read his words.

SM Entertainment followed up Changmin’s announcement with an official statement. They further confirmed the happy news and said that the wedding will be held on September 5th KST. No particular details will be posted regarding time and location, asking for consideration in behalf of the bride and both families involved.

The agency then reassured fans that he will remain as part of TVXQ and an artist, ending their statement with a call for many well-wishes towards Changmin’s new path.

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