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TWICE Becomes First Girl Group To Hold Dome Tour In Japan


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TWICE will go on a dome tour, including a stop at the Tokyo Dome, in Japan next year! This makes them the first K-pop girl group to hold a dome tour in Japan.

The dome tour will start with Tokyo Dome (2 days) concerts with a 55,000 audience capacity, before heading to Kyocera Dome (1 day) with a 55,000 audience capacity and Nagoya Dome (1 day) with a 49,692 audience capacity.

Back on July 2nd, 2017, a total of 15,000 fans gathered over two times at the Tokyo Gymnasium. TWICE, who has solidly built up popularity with Korean audiences, has become even more prominent as one of the biggest groups in Asia. Tokyo Dome itself is often the dream venue for K-Pop idol to perform at, making this moment even more special for the group.

TWICE’s first full-length album “BDZ” was released on December 12th and placed number one on the Oricon monthly album chart. In addition, it received a platinum certification from the Japan Record Association and continued the ‘five consecutive platinum’ march from TWICE.

Congratulations to TWICE!



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