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TRCNG Set To Make One Of 2018’s Very First Comebacks


December 21, 2017 , , ,

Rookie group TRCNG has announced that they will be making a comeback at the beginning of the new year!

On January 2nd, the boys will be releasing a new album and holding a special concert entitled “TRCNG 1st SHOW-CON – WHO AM I.” During the concert, the group plans to deliver a variety of exciting performances for their fans in celebration of their comeback.

TRCNG is a ten-member boy group signed to TS Entertainment, sharing a label with both Secret and B.A.P. They came onto the scene with their first EP, entitled New Generation, on October 10th of this year. Since then, the boys have been performing a number of stages both in Korea and Japan, setting out to prove their potential as a future global boy band.

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