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Trainee Group A.C.E Prepares For Official Debut

It is time for another debut for 2017! Although they are in a smaller label, this group is already gaining a lot of attention!

A.C.E is a five-member group under Beat Interactive! The members of the group include Jun, Jason, Hun, Wow, and Chan. Although they have not even debuted yet, they already have a very large following! Why is that?

Well, during their pre-debut, A.C.E has made their YouTube page very active with posts of dance and song covers, as well as participating in TV shows and musicals! One of their song covers that went viral was BLACPINK‘s “Playing With Fire.” They released the vocal cover, and soon after it was everywhere! Although it was just a cover, the video received over one million views!

Two of the members, Jun and Hun, participated in “I Can See Your Voice 4” while lip syncing to the song “Hard Carry” and later on performing the song “If You Do” with GOT7 to win Ep. 4!

These guys are idols! You can see how hard they train just through their videos on YouTube. They are not just known for their singing, but for their amazing teamwork and synchronization. They do many street performances in Itaewon and Hongdae in Korea where they perform for people on the street! Some of their most-viewed dances include BTS‘s “Not Today” and BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang”! This group is highly-anticipated for their debut because of their large fanbase, as well as talent that the boys have already shown!

Fans are ready for their debut in hopes others will discover this amazingly talented group.  It is finally time that the five guys in the group get a chance to really show all their skills and charm! If you haven’t seen their logo teaser yet, check it out here!

They will be debuting May 23rd with their first song, “Cactus.” Please anticipate their debut!

Have you hear of A.C.E yet? What was your favorite cover? Are you excited for their debut? Let us know in the comments below!

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