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Today is VIXX’s fifth anniversary since their debut, and we wish a very happy anniversary to VIXX and their Starlights!

As of May 24th, VIXX, a group from Jellyfish Entertainment, officially reached their five-year anniversary! That is 1,825 days of N, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, Leo, and Hyuk! 1,825 unbelievable days with so many memories that no one would be able to count the number! While celebrating the past five years with VIXX, we compiled our top five MVs for you to enjoy! Check it out below.


A flashback for most Starlights, “Super Hero” was a bright song for their highly anticipated debut. It showcased each of the talented members of VIXX in their new looks and drew comparison to their growth in their hit survival show “Mydol.” This song was an electronic beat and definitely fits the feel of 2012! Each member is shown in neon colors and, of course, the outfit changes to black and white as they “get down” to their debut song. As rookies, they totally slayed the genre of Kpop and slowly began to make a name for themselves! When fans looks back on “Super Hero” in comparison to their other current videos, it can definitely make you cringe! Hongbin’s hair style and all the shiny pleather made “Super Hero” memorable for anyone who sees it!  This MV definitely highlighted the groups charisma, looks, and skills for which fans had been hoping.

2. “On and On”

This MV was definitely a shocker to the fan base! The group wasn’t just charismatic and talented, but the MV introduced VIXX as the concept kings they are today! This strong and visually shocking MV was a breakthrough for VIXX as a group. The MV was a total 180 from their past songs like “Rock Ur Body” and Super Hero.” “On and On” showcased a creative change in dance styles, as well as videography. Elements of Science Fiction were added into the video which was unlike anything VIXX had done up to that point! This video, although not as conceptual as songs such as “Voodoo Doll” or “Hyde,” definitely paved the way for VIXX to become the king of concepts that they are today.

3. “Chained Up”

“Chained Up” is one of VIXX’s most popular MVs that they have ever released! With currently over 16 million views on YouTube, this song would chain up any fan to these boys! While following the main point of the concept, “Chained Up” follows the guys being chained up to “her”. With strong synth, an almost ominous beat, and Ravi’s unforgettable rap in the middle of the song, this release left Starlights and even other Kpop fans in awe! From their suits without a shirt, chokers, sexy expressions and dance moves, fans could not have asked for a better comeback at the time. “Chained Up” definitely opened the doors for more fans and allowed them to be chained up to these amazingly talented guys in VIXX!

4. “Dynamite”

This song, with all puns intended, was definitely dynamite! This comeback followed “Chained Up,” but the song itself was actually a beginning of a trilogy series for VIXX! This trilogy followed the concepts of Gods, which if you look at VIXX, well, it is definitely fitting! This song showcased a more exciting tempo and made for an upbeat song, which is something VIXX had not come out with for a while! Their visuals in this video were unlike any other, showing off a masculine and mature side with a colorful concept. The dance itself is highly addictive and the perfect match for such a catchy song. VIXX gave all their fans something exciting when they released this song as the first for its trilogy! It left fans wanting more and more! Each following comeback in the series left Starlights seeing a new side of VIXX, and it all goes back to the release of “Dynamite.”

5. “Shangri La”

VIXX’s newest song has yet another new concept for these kings to try out! It opens up with a slow, dreamlike instrumental which is something totally new to VIXX! Using a beautiful water setting, they then incorporate fans into the dance (and I do not mean Starlights!). After starting off so slow, the chorus does a total 180 as they hit a high crescendo of excitement! Starlights get an amazing look at the shocking videography skills that are used for this VIXX comeback Although many of their other videos show this skill, this video is definitely on another level as it layers many scenes and leaves any person watching it mesmerized. The boys did amazing in this comeback, and fans are definitely proud of all their hard work!  They are still currently promoting this song on music shows.

Although it has already been five years, these few songs definitely do not summarize the entirety of VIXX as an idol group. There is so much to love about these six amazingly talented guys, and fans are excited to be able to spend more years with them in the future!

Are you a Starlight? Did your top MV make the list? Which do you think should have been added? Let us know in the comments below!

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