Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

T-ara Releases Comeback Information During V Live Broadcast

T-ara is ready to make their comeback!

On May 29th, the famous girl group held a chat with fans during a V Live broadcast. In the video, the group reveals they are on the set of the photoshoot for their album jacket. Dressed in contrasting white and black suits, the girls look modern, fierce, and minimalistic.

They go on to announce that their new album will be released on June 14th, followed by a showcase on June 15th. The album is entitled My Name Is (working title) and features a title track that’s produced by Brave Brothers. The girls note that the sound is totally new and different for them.

This is T-ara’s first comeback since recently losing two members due to their contracts coming to an end. Although they hoped to still record the album together and promote one last time, things fell through and T-ara will now promote during this period with four members.

Media: V Live

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