Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Stray Kids’ Changbin Impresses On “Show Me The Money 9”

One of the most popular reality shows of South Korea has officially started off its ninth season!

This year’s “Show Me The Money” is particularly exciting due to the fact that competition rates have exceeded those of previous airings as well as the show’s current producers creating quite the buzz.

On the first episode of “SMTM9” that aired today, it shows the preliminary auditions that were carried out. Among many talented artists, Stray Kids‘ rapper Changbin was introduced as a participant in the screening. While many are prejudiced against idol rappers, Changbin was able to impress everyone with his great skills. As such, the producer JUSTHIS gave him his support and allowed him to pass into to the next round.

You can watch Changbin on Mnet‘s “SMTM9” below !

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Media: Mnet