Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

SPICA Says They Are Not Officially Disbanding

Following the sad reports that talented girl group SPICA was disbanding, the artists themselves have spoken up to clarify the rumors.

The members wrote a joint letter to fans, then posted it on each of their individual social media accounts. They stated that this definitely isn’t the end for SPICA but just a temporary parting of ways. They made sure to clarify that they are not officially disbanding and hope to work together in the future.

The letter apologizes to fans for the sudden news which came from the media first and not the group themselves. They explained that after a lot of consideration, they had decided to focus on individual activities for the time being. They then went on to express their sincere thanks and gratitude to all their fans for the years of support and love.

Each one of the members uploaded the handwritten letter with a different caption:

“당신의 사랑에 감사합니다
Thank you for your love
Grazie per il vostro amore
Terima kasih kerana kasih sayang
شكرا لحبك”
-Kim Boa (@tomboaaa)

“We will always be with you
You will be always in our heart
We always love you mercury
진심으로 사랑합니다 머큐리 ♥️”
-Kim Bohyung (@bohyungkim)

-Park Sihyun (@sh861129)

-Park Narae (@park.narae.77)

“Thanks to mercury..?
From spica?
#tobecontinued #dontsaygoodbye#nottheend”
-Yang Jiwon (@wldnjs62)

After the members posted the letter, they each seemed sentimental and began to share old pictures and videos of the group. Check out the full handwritten letter below.

We wish SPICA the best of luck in their individual journeys and hope to see them reunited again in the future!

Media: CJ E&M

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