Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

SMTOWN Announces NCT Dream’s February Comeback

SMTOWN has confirmed the comeback for popular rookie group NCT Dream!

According to the post by SM, the group will be releasing their first single album on February 9th! The images show the boys peeking from around a corner and above the bottom of a picture, while the title and information are written in bold, block letters. According to the information, it looks like the album will be called The First and the track will be entitled “My First and Last.” However, that information is not yet clear from SM.

Member Jaemin is missing from the photos, so it looks like his back problems are still ongoing and he won’t be able to participate in the promotions. Just a short time ago, the 16-year-old had to miss out on the 2016 MAMA performance for NCT due to disc problems in his back.

We hope his health improves!

In the meantime, we wish NCT Dream success with their comeback.

Check out the teaser images below.

(UPDATE: SMTOWN has confirmed that Jaemin is still recovering and will not be able to participate in promotions for the benefit of his health.)


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