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SHINee’s Key Is A Skateboarder In New Drama Stills


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SHINee‘s Kim Kibum (Key) is to star in a new MBC action thriller drama!

As of April 27th, stills of Key were released of him as a skateboarder running, or shall I say skating, away from security! In this upcoming drama, Key will be playing genius hacker Gong Kyung Soo!

His still shots definitely show his character’s personality. He is very high energy and mischievous. His character will be working closely with lead actress Lee Si Young!

This drama follows the storyline of people whose lives were destroyed after losing their loved ones. The characters then come together to catch the criminals the police could not.

Although the MBC drama title is still a work in progress, fans are excited to see Key film another drama after his success with “Drinking Solo”!

Are you excited to see Key in his upcoming drama? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out some of the stills below.

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