Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Samuel Kim From “Produce 101” To Debut As Solo Artist

Samuel Kim, popular trainee on the hit show “Produce 101,” is going to make his official debut as a solo artist!

Before the final episode of the show, Brave Entertainment stated that if he didn’t make it into the top 11, they were immediately going to start the preparations for his solo debut. According to them, they already have around 10 tracks recorded and have been working hard on the album. The tracks are said to have a public-friendly pop vibe between Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

Although Samuel continuously proved his skills on the show, competition was fierce on “Produce 101.” Even though Samuel ranked in the top 20, he ended up at the 18th rank, surprising many people that he (as well as a couple of others) didn’t make the top 11 team.

As with many things, however, when something doesn’t work out, it just means there is something better for you down the road. That’s certainly true for Samuel as he will now be able to debut as a solo artist!

Who’s excited?

Media: Mnet


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