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Rappers Iron And Kidoh Sentenced To Probation For Drug Charges

Korean rappers and artists Iron and Kidoh have been sentenced to probation for charges of drug use.

The singers were charged for marijuana use when an acquaintance of theirs was arrested for attempted theft at a sauna in Gangnam. After his arrest, he tested positive for drugs, which subsequently led to the investigation of others that were suspected of drug use. During the round up, both Iron and Kidoh were charged after testing positive for marijuana as well.

During December 2014-March 2015, Iron had already been charged for three counts of marijuana use, while Kidoh was suspected of using marijuana when he was in Thailand. According to South Korean law, even if the drug use took place outside the country, you can still be charged for marijuana use if you test positive upon returning to Korea.

Due to the previous charges, Iron was looking at an eight-month jail sentence. However, he ended up being charged with two years probation instead. Kidoh was charged with one year of probation in place of a six-month jail sentence. In addition, the two singers must pay a fine and attend 40 hours of rehab.

Iron is a solo artist who is well-known for his appearance on the TV show “Show Me The Money,” where he came in second place. Kidoh is a former member of the idol group TOPP DOGG and a current solo artist.

Iron in particular has been faced with one controversy after another, openly dissing other respected artists such as G-Dragon and T.O.P and admitting to stabbing his friend when he was younger. In addition, he and Kidoh came under heavy fire for their recent song “Roll,” where the lyrics are said to glorify rape.

Concerning his drug charges, Iron stated in a previous interview, “First of all, as a Korean citizen I went against the law and I am waiting to receive sentence for my wrong doings. However, I don’t think marijuana is a drug.”

Both rappers are still active in the music industry, despite the recent drug scandal.

What do you think of the issue? Do you think their punishment was fair?

Media: Kscandal


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