Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

PRISTIN Drops Adorable Group Teasers For August Comeback

After releasing a series of individual teaser images, PRISTIN has dropped their first group teasers for their comeback!

On August 12th, the girl group from Pledis Entertainment revealed two teasers with all ten members. The girls look lovely in both pictures. In the “In” version image, they are all see in their uniforms and hanging out at school. In the “Out” version photo, they are dressed in cute, casual, and colorful clothes and spending the day at the beach.

Teasers were released earlier for Rena and Xiyeon, Kyulkyun and Sunyeon, Nayoung and Kyla, Yuha and Roa, and Yehana and Eunwoo.

PRISTIN will make their comeback on August 23rd with their second mini-album, In/Out.

Check out the new teasers below! Who’s excited?

Media: Pledis Entertainment

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