Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Police To Question B1A4 About “SNL Korea” Sexual Assault Scandal

The recent scandal concerning the sexual assault allegations against certain “SNL Korea” members is continuing to gain momentum as police begin their investigation. One of the groups assaulted, B1A4, will be questioned by police to verify the circumstances of the assault.

A few days ago, the program shared a backstage video of several male idol bands being touched inappropriately by female comedians on “SNL Korea.” The TV show thought nothing of the video when they originally shared it, considering it typical hazing of the idol groups when they came to “SNL Korea” as guests. The video shows footage of the idols standing there, listening to the cast, when several female cast members, including”SNL Korea” star Lee Se Young, grabbed the young men unexpectedly in their genital area. Most of them jumped in surprise and tried to pull away, obviously shocked by their behavior.

Once SNL shared the video, fans blew up the internet, citing sexual assault. At first, “SNL Korea”  simply took down the video and apologized for the “inappropriate behavior.” However, it soon became clear to the show that the behavior was actually criminal. The case was officially submitted to the Mapo Police Department in Seoul on November 30th. As a result, the investigation has commenced to determine the validity of the charges of sexual assault.

Although Block B and INFINITE were also seen being assaulted in the videos as well, police stated on December 1st that they will specifically be talking to B1A4 to get their version of the events. None of the idols themselves made complaints against “SNL Korea.”

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young has decided to leave the show indefinitely for a period of reflection. She also shared a handwritten apology on her SNS account. While some fans say that this isn’t enough, the matter is now left in the hands of the police to decide. They will be questioning the comedian, along with other involved parties, as they investigate fully.

Stay tuned for more details as the case unfolds.

Media: B1A4 Official


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