Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

PENTAGON’s E’Dawn Confirmed To Be Leaving Cube Entertainment

E’Dawn is officially leaving Cube Entertainment.

On November 14th, it was revealed that the contract between Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn has been terminated. As such, he is leaving both the company and his group PENTAGON.

The news comes just one month after E’Dawn’s girlfriend, fellow artist HyunA, was also confirmed to be leaving Cube. With the update on E’Dawn, it seems the months long drama between the couple and the entertainment company has finally come to an end.

The first week of August, the two singers confirmed to the media that they were in a relationship. The announcement was seemingly against the wishes of Cube who evidently preferred to keep the news private since the company had just denied the dating rumors shortly beforehand. After the couple’s announcement, they were removed from activities and unable to promote. A month later, it was announced through the media that the two artists would be leaving Cube. However, it appeared that the company had not yet notified their artists nor talked about the issue with them directly.

As a result of poor handling and appearing to lose two of their most-profitable artists, Cube Entertainment’s stocks plummeted, thus sending the company scrambling to do damage control. With a promise to hold a board meeting to rethink the issue before a final decision was made, no more news was given to the public until another month had passed. At that time, it was revealed that HyunA had terminated her contract. In a letter from Hyuna that was later revealed, details of the issue become known to the public of how she had tried to be patient until they could all sit down and discuss the problem and their contracts. However, when no response was given to her and the label reportedly continued to ignore her requests to meet and refused to give her an update on her status, she requested her contract to be terminated.

No word was given on E’Dawn, however, until the passing of yet another month when it was announced today that his contract had also been terminated and he was leaving the company. There is no word yet on what either of the two artists will be doing from now on.

What do you think of the final outcome of this issue?

We wish HyunA and E’Dawn the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Media: Cube Entertainment
Source: Naver