Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

NU’EST Confirmed To Release New Track This Month

NU’EST will be releasing a new song this month!

On July 17th, Pledis Entertainment revealed that the group would be releasing a new song on July 25th. Although no song details were released, the label said that the group would not be promoting the new track as it would be a special song for fans.

NU’EST is currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity thanks to the appearance of four of their members on the hit show “Produce 101: Season 2.” Most fans expected leader JR (Jonghyun) to place in the top 11 on the show, but viewers were shocked when member Minhyun was the only one to rank in the final 11, leading to the opportunity to redebut with the newly formed group Wanna One. Since Minhyun is currently busy with Wanna One, the new song by NU’EST will be recorded by the other four members, including Aron who was unable to participate in the show due to an injury.

NU’EST last held a comeback in August of 2016, so fans are especially excited to have new music from the group for the first time in a year!

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Media: Pledis Entertainment

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