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Netflix Releases From Korea To Watch This September

September is shaping up to be another incredible month for K-dramas and K-films!

The greatest addition in our daily lives these days are provided by Netflix. As the summer ends, fall begins with promising titles. Two new K-dramas “Record of Youth” and “The School Nurse Files” have been some of September’s most-promising dramas, while the K-film “Alive” has also been highly anticipated.

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“Record of Youth”

“Record of Youth” is a romantic TV drama of 16 Episodes. The fascinating storyline follows two childhood friends turned models who attempt to branch out into acting. They soon cross paths with a budding makeup artist. In a world where dreams are a luxury not everyone can afford, the trio pushes through with their pursuits, backed by sheer talent and passion to get them through. The drama has already managed to capture the hearts of viewers since it began airing this month!

Starring: Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, Byeon Woo Seok


The Korean thriller Movie “Alive” (also stylized as “#Alive”) tells the story of a lone man trapped in his apartment. Two polar opposite neighbors must find a way to stay alive while a zombie-creating virus ravages Seoul. The task proves to be immensely harrowing when they’re both cut off from technology and their only means of seeing the outside world is through their apartment windows. Better zombie films have come out of Korea in the shape of “Train to Busan,” but with two such great actors in the lead, this one is still a treat to watch. This movie just became available to watch this month!

Starring: Park Shin Hye, Yoo Ah In

“The School Nurse Files”

“The School Nurse Files” is a fantasy TV drama coming with six episodes. The trailer reveals that An Eun Yong isn’t your ordinary school nurse. Behind her mundane appearance is the special ability to see jelly-like monsters made from the residue of human desire. In order to eradicate these threatening figures and protect the students at her new school, she teams up with her fellow teacher, the handsome Hong In Pyo. With only six episodes, it seems like Netflix is already eyeing a second season. This show premieres on September 25th.

Starring: Nam Joo Hyuk, Jung Yu Mi

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