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NCT127 Reveals What Their SMTOWN Seniors Are Really Like


August 3, 2016 , ,

Rookie group NCT127 recently attended the radio show “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’Clock Date” on MBC FM4U and spilled the beans on what their SMTOWN seniors are really like in person!

They named Super Junior as the seniors who are friendly and joke around a lot. They named TVXQ‘s Changmin as someone who always spoke kindly to them and Yunho as the person they wanted to emulate due to his passion as an artist.

In addition, they named SMTOWN legend Kangta as the senior who was most difficult to get to know and proved their awkward relationship by sending out a video letter, telling Kangta they love and respect him and giggling nervously.

Last but not least, they mentioned a couple of EXO members. They said Suho was always encouraging and praised them a lot, whereas Lay was the person who had invited them to eat most often and had taken care of them with food since the time they were trainees. As Lay is known for being kind and generous, this came to no surprise to his fans.

It sounds like NCT127 are becoming close to their seniors and developing a good relationship with them. Would you like to see them collaborate with some of their seniors one day?

Photos: MBC Radio
Source: Sports Chosun

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