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WATCH: MXM Drops Teaser Video For Donghyun

MXM is ready for their official debut!

The duo has now released the teaser video that feature member Kim Donghyun! Check it out below!

UPDATED: On August 31st, the duo dropped the teaser video that features member Im Youngmin! Check it out below!

UPDATED: On August 29th, Brand New Music dropped two more teaser images for MXM’s official debut! This time, both members of the duo are featured in the shows. Instead of the black-and-white picture from before, however, both of these shots are done in color. One was shot in a studio, and the other was shot outside.

Check out the images below! What do you think of this concept?

UPDATED: On August 28th, the new duo from Brand New Music dropped teaser images for member Kim Donghyun. Like the previous teasers, he has two images. One is shot in black and white and shows the young singer looking over his shoulder with a smile. The other image has lovely, summer colors and shows him lounging in a chair by a window.

Check them out below!

ORIGINAL: After announcing their official debut earlier this month, MXM has released the first set of teaser images for their upcoming album!

Member Im Youngmin is seen in this set of individual teaser images. In one picture, he is seen with a bright smile as he relaxes on a sofa with the sunlight streaming through a window. In the other image, Youngmin is seen looking more serious as he gives a sexy gaze into the camera.

MXM released two pre-debut songs last month and were a big hit with fans who had come to love them on “Produce 101: Season 2.” Their first mini-album, entitled UNMIX, will be released on September 6th.

Check out the images below, along with their first group teaser as well.

Media: Brand New Music

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