Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Mina And Hyeyeon To Debut As New Sub-Unit gugudan5959

Gugudan (stylized gugudan) is debuting their first sub-unit!

On July 26th KST, the group dropped the first teaser image for the upcoming unit. Members Mina and Hyeyeon will be the ones in the new unit, called gugudan5959. The nine members in gugudan all represent a number from one to nine, with Mina being number nine (gu) and Hyeyeon being number five (oh). Taking those numbers as the sub-unit name, the cute name reads like gugudan “oh-gu-oh-gu,” an expression used to describe something super adorable. The fitting name is perfect for the two lovely, young singers!

The teaser image released announced the name, along with the debut date of August 10th!

Who’s excited to see Mina and Hyeyeon in their own sub-unit? Check out the teaser image below!

Media: Jellyfish Entertainment

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