Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Meet The Final “Produce 101” Team Wanna One

“Produce 101” has finally come to an end, but not without their ups and downs! The final 11 trainees were officially announced on the series finale, making many fans surprised with the end results!

While some fan favorites were in the top 11 and came as no surprise, a few others were left out of the debut team at the last minute— shocking both the viewers and the trainees.

The team name was announced as Wanna One, a play on words due to the similarity in pronunciation of the 101 part of “Produce 101.”

Want to know who made the final cut after months of hard work? Check out the list of final 11 trainees below!

1- Kang Daniel (Center)

2- Park Ji Hoon

3- Lee Dae Hwi

4- Kim Jae Hwan

5- Ong Sung Woo

6- Park Woo Jin

7- Lai Guan Lin

8- Yoon Ji Sung

9- Hwang Min Hyun

10- Bae Jin Young

11- Ha Sung Woon

Before the final results were announced, the top 20 trainees performed together for one last time in a special song for fans. In addition, all previous trainees stood onstage once more to sing “Nayana.” Check out the videos below!

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Media: Mnet via Soompi 

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