Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

MAMAMOO Releases Teaser Pictures For Wheein And Hwasa

After announcing their comeback in a previous teaser image on Twitter, MAMAMOO has now revealed their album details!

UPDATE: On June 9th KST, MAMAMOO dropped the next set of teaser images for their comeback! In these images, Wheein and Hwasa look gorgeous and sexy in the pastel tones of their clothes and with new hair and makeup styles. Check out the images below!

UPDATE: On June 8th KST, MAMAMOO released teaser images for Moonbyul and Solar. The girls are seen in the same casual outfits and fur coats that they wore in the initial group teaser image. They both look lovely and sexy in the summery colors of their outfits. Check them out below!

On June 7th KST, the group revealed a group photo, showing the lovely members in casual outfits and heavy fur coats. The background is light pink and aqua colors, setting off the pastel tones of their outfits.

The group’s upcoming mini-album will be entitled Purple and will be the group’s fifth mini-album to be released. The label explained the name of the album: “Purple is a mixture of red, which represents energy and passion, and blue, which represents limitless variety. The album will contain MAMAMOO’s diverse and splendid charms.”

The new album drops on June 22nd at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the teaser image below!

Media: Rainbow Bridge World

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