Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

LISTEN: GreatGuys’ Dongin Drops New Self-Produced Track “Ocean”

Dongin of GreatGuys has released a new song!

On March 9th, the talented artist shared his new song through a post on social media. “I’m still lacking, but please listen [to this] a lot!” he stated as he shared the link to the track “Ocean” which he produced and composed himself.

Showing off both his vocals and rap skills, Dongin’s new song starts off with a simple keyboard sound before more instruments join in for the verse. The overall effect of the song is bright and airy, perfect for the lyrics of the summer-sounding track entitled “Ocean.”

Along with the song, Dongin shared a photo taken during the group’s recent time in Puerto Rico. Along with their concert in Puerto Rico, the group also became the first K-pop group to ever perform in the Dominican Republic! In the photo, Dongin is seen in a patterned shirt and straw hat as he stands on the beach, looking ready for summer with his youthful charms and good looks. The group seemed to enjoy their time at these beautiful locations (click here to see some of the photos they shared), so perhaps it was the group’s visit that inspired Dongin’s new track!

Check out the new song below, then make sure to follow the group’s label on SoundCloud where GreatGuys often share their own tracks and music.

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Media: DNA Entertainment