Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Hyorin Ends First U.S. Tour With A “Bang Bang”

On March 19th, Hyorin, the main vocalist of Sistar, concluded her first U.S. tour at The Mayan in Los Angeles, attracting both fanboys and fangirls with her phenomenal vocals! Opening the show were up-and-coming singer Lijah Lu and popular violinist Jun Sung Ahn (also known as Jun Curry Ahn).

Known as one of the top female vocalists, Hyorin (also stylized Hyolyn) is from Starship Entertainment’s popular, veteran girl group Sistar. Sistar’s most recent release was the album Insane Love, which included the title track “I Like That”, in which they garnered four music show wins.

Throughout the entire show, the fans were extremely energetic, cheering hard for the opening performances, all the way through to Hyorin’s final song of the night. The showcase consisted of three acts. Hyorin performed multiple tracks, including her own solo “One Way Love,” as well as “Ma Boy”, which is her subunit track with fellow Sistar member Bora. In addition to these tracks, Hyorin also performed Sistar’s biggest hits, which included “Give It to Me,” “Shake It,” “Touch My Body,” and many more.

Hyorin’s tour was hosted by Transparent Agency. In addition to Los Angeles, Hyorin also held a performance the night before in New York. Although she has performed with Sistar in the U.S. before, this was her first solo performance and tour.

Check out some of WTK’s exclusive pictures below! Many thanks to the organizers for allowing us access to the event.

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