Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

GOT7 Shares Sweet Lunar New Year With Mark’s Family In LA

GOT7 showed how close they really are by celebrating Lunar New Year with the family of one of their members!

In LA for a concert, the group met up with Mark Tuan‘s family and celebrated the important holiday together. Mark is from LA and has previously invited the members to his home and to meet his family and friends, allowing them to grow close as well. Mark’s father Raymond Tuan is widely known among the GOT7 fandom for his friendly personality and love of the entire GOT7 gang.

Lunar New Year is especially important in Asian cultures where it’s widely known as Chinese New Year or Seollal (Korean New Year). With the holiday lining up just in time with their LA concert, it worked perfectly to schedule some quality time with Mark’s father and other family members.

The group met for dessert and spent a fun evening together, even tweeting various pictures of their sweet time. MArk looked super happy to be with his family and was smiling brightly in pictures. BamBam in particular expressed how happy he was to see his “daddy,” referencing the fact that Mark’s father has become something of a father figure for him. Mr. Tuan even affirmed that by saying that all the members were like his sons and he wished for their future success.

Check out their adorable tweets and shares below!

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